Copper in San Francisco Bay
Resources to Reduce Scientific Uncertainties


Picture 1The Impairment Assessment Report for Copper and Nickel in Lower South San Francisco Bay (7MB PDF) concluded that impairment of beneficial uses due to copper and nickel is unlikely. The report also found that uncertainties remained regarding the scientific information upon which that conclusion was based. The Conceptual Model Report for Copper and Nickel in Lower South San Francisco Bay (11MB PDF) also included a summary of uncertainties and potential additional studies to reduce the uncertainties. The Copper Action Plan (2MB PDF) identifies several baseline activities to “track and encourage” activities and research intended to reduce the scientific uncertainties associated with the impairment assessment and conceptual model reports’ conclusions. Many of these uncertainty-reduction activities are applicable to assessing potential copper impacts throughout the Bay, not just to Lower South San Francisco Bay.

Scientists and other investigators, please support copper research in the Bay by submitting references to your work.

Picture 2To track these activities, information linking organizations, research, and reports for regional activities and related items of interest was compiled. The following types of information are available on this website:

Information relevant to copper is organized under six general topics:


A list of contacts for individuals and groups involved in the research and/or management of copper in San Francisco Bay is available.

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